Our monthly business meetings are usually held on the 2nd Sunday of each month at:

The Mercer County Historical Society
119 South Pitt Street
Mercer, PA 16137

Note: There are meetings that are occasionally moved due to conflicts with other events, or moved to be brought inline with other events, so make sure you check our schedule.

Events 2017

April 6-9, Shiloh; Contact Brian Lebeck if you are interested in carpooling - in coordination with the 9th and 40th.
April 7-9, Appomattox Courthouse, Contact Rich Grossman if you are interested in carpooling

May 5-6, PRVC at PA Monument (10th MAX EFFORT)
May 19-21, New Market, Contact Mike Mietus if you are interested in carpooling
May 20, Buhl Farm Armed Forces Day (10th MAX EFFORT
May 29, Mercer Memorial Day Parade (10th MAX EFFORT)

June 2-4, Blue and Gray Reunion, Philippi, WV
June 9-11, Old Bedford Village

June 30-July 3, 154th Gettysburg (MAX EFFORT USV & PRVC, 10th MAX EFF.)
July 1, Greenville Heritage Day, contact person, Jerry Stumpff Sr. (if you don't go to Gettysburg)

August 12-13, Arcade-Attica Civil War Days (NY)
August 18-20, Old Hannastown, Greensburg (10th MAX EFFORT)

September 1-4, Bucktail Reunion, Meadville + Muster in the Park
September 8-10, Battle of Antietam, Zoar, OH (10th MAX EFFORT)
September 17, Munnell Run Farm Day (motion, seconded, 10th MAX EFFORT)
October 6-8, Droop Mountain, WV (this is up in the air, more info later)
October 13-15, Cedar Creek (MAX EFFORT USV & PRVC, 10th MAX EFFORT)

November 17, 10th PA monument clean-up
November 18, Remembrance Day Parade

December TBA - Christmas Dinner

School talks:
     Greenville, possible dates May 10, 11, 15, 16, 17, 24, 25
     Slippery Rock, May 26, will contact Mark Sloan about doing this one
     New Wilmington, May 31
     Mercer, Chris Evans will set up