Below are a variety of events that we have been involved. Some of these videos aren't necessarily ours, but we were there.

2011 Company Live Fire Event

Members of the Western Pennsylvania Civil War Reenactors Society, 10th Pa. Reserves Infantry, Co. 'G' , got together to demonstrate actual live fire of the .58 Cal. Rifled Musket of the Civil War.

Members of the Company were equipped with .58 Cal. Springfield and Enfield rifled muskets, and also .69 Cal. 1842 model Springfield. The demonstration started out with individual soldiers firing at the target, then a squad of four soldiers firing a volley, then progressing to the Company firing together in volley fire. The demonstration ended with an individual shooting competition at a target set 150 yards distance. Close up view showing the effects of the .58 Cal. Mini' Ball on the 50 Gallon heavy steel drums used as targets.

The 10th Pa. Reserves Infantry, Company 'G' is a living history Civil War reenacting group in Mercer County, Pa. dedicated to the preservation of our Civil War Heritage and educating todays generation in that history

Gettysburg Battlefield & Discovery of Hamptons Battery Rock

Tim Bennett takes you on a tour at Gettysburg Battlefield discussing how in 1990 Will Hoffman and Tim Bennett Discovered Hamptons Battery Rock on the Battlefield

Prvt. Robert S. Reed 55th Mass. Infantry Colored

Re-dedication Ceremony for Prvt. Robert S. Reed of the 55th Mass. Infantry Colored
The ceremony presented today is the actual Grand Army of the Republic Ritual for the Memorial Burial of the Dead adopted by the National Encampment of the GAR at New Haven, Conn., in 1873, and taken from original sources.

July 18, 2010
The Western Pennsylvania Civil War Reenactors Society, 10th Pa. Company 'G' "Mercer Rifles" Presents this service with Sermon by Pastor Veda Holland (Mt. Olive Baptist Church), Grove City, Pa. In cooperation with the Mercer County Historical Society.

THE Fifty-fifth Regiment, like the Fifty-fourth, was composed of colored enlisted men, with white officers, and was recruited in the spring of 1863 for three years' service. Its rendezvous was at Fort Meigs, Readville, Mass. and its organi-zation was begun as the ranks of the Fifty-fourth were filled, several of the officers commissioned for the latter regiment being detailed to instruct and discipline the recruits for the Fifty-fifth, of which they eventually became officers. On the 31st of May, 1863, three days after the departure of the Fifty-fourth Regiment, the first five companies of the Fifty-fifth were filled and mustered; of the remaining five, F and G were mustered June 15 and the other three on the 22d. The officers were commissioned from the 15th of May till near the close of June. Feb. 1865 the fire brand rebel city of Charleston, South Carolina fell to Union forces under Gen. Sher-man. The 55th Mass had the honor of leading the Brigade when they marched through the city. The regiment was mustered out Aug. 29, 1865.

2008 Company Live Fire Event

2008 145 Gettysburg Reenactment

2007 145 Fredericksburg Reenactment

2006 145 1st Mananas Reenactment

2006 Cedar Creek Reenactment