Military Equipment


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Basic Uniform of the 10th PA., Co. G

•Federal style dark blue, wool, forage cap with leather brim & strap.

•Army issue or period shirt of 1860's period or earlier.

•Federal style dark blue, wool, 4-button sack coat.

•Army foot pattern sky blue Kersey, wool trousers (w/suspenders).

•Black Brogans (shoes) rough side out US Model 1851 w/heelplates

•Gray or brown wool socks.

Added accoutrements:

•Enfield or Springfield 3-band musket.

•Black leather waist belt with brass keeper & brass US belt plate.

•Black 58 caliber cartridge box w/tins & brass plate.

•Cartridge box sling w/eagle breast plate.

•Black Cap box.

•Bayonet to fit rifle.

•Scabbard for Springfield or frog & scabbard to fit Enfield

•Canteen, smooth side or bullseye, light or dark blue wool cover.

•Black tarred haversack w/inner bag.

•Tin Cup, plate & period utensils.

•Grey, brown or white wool blanket.

•Shelter half (tent).

•Rubberized or painted poncho.

•Optional knapsack.

•Optional Federal style dark blue, wool, frock coat.

•Optional Federal style light blue great coat (winter).

•Optional 11 button vest.

•Personal accessories.


It usually takes up to a year to finally get your stuff together. But once you have the basics (shoes, pants, shirt, sack coat, hat) your ready to portray the average Pennsylvania Volunteer.

The sooner you purchase your musket & leathers, the sooner you participate in field work. Infantry training begins with the "Hardee's Rifle and Light Infantry Tactics". The object of infantry reeanacting is to portray the life of the soldier in camp and in the field, and to have a safe, fun time doing it. Please hurry! The Rebs are threatening our capital!