Welcome to the 10th Pennsylvania!

This is the homesite of the Western Pennsylvania Civil War Reenactors' Society. The group is also known as the 10th Pennsylvania Reserve Volunteer Corps, Company G. That's the military designation of an actual unit from the Civil War that we honor through our service to community.

The group is made up of Military and Civilian Reenactors and their families.

Hopefully you'll find more useful information about our group as you read through the pages of this website.

The photo above comes to us from one of our Kids' Militias that can often be experienced at one of our events.

Our group believes strongly in making the Civil War come to life for the youth. This is evident in the number of school talks that we do each year.

Member Communication

This section is for the Reenactors of the 10th Pennsylvania Volunteer Reserve Corps, Company G.

Yahoo Group
Recommendation from the business meeting on July 13, 2014 is that all members should register with the "Yahoo Group site" so that they can be updated on the information that passes through there. To join the group, please click on This Link to the Yahoo Group Site and then Click on the "Join Group" button and follow the instructions.

If that doesn't work for you, email Brian Lebeck at: bslebeck@yahoo.com and then Brian can issue a request to join from the Yahoo group.

10th Penna Tintype by Drew Tanner

Soldiers of the 10th Pennsylvania Reserves attending the Droop Mountain 149th Reenactment. Photography by Drew Tanner. You can see more of Drew's work at Drew Tanner Photography.

After posing with Drew on a beautiful Autumn afternoon atop Droop Mountain we were fortunate enough to enjoy Drew's company around our campfire that night.

Thanks Drew!

Mercer Memorial Day 500

Members of the 10th Pennsylvania Reserves Marching in the Mercer Memorial Day 500, honoring our Veterans in reverence and in awe of their sacrifices both past and present.

The 10th PVRC at The Old Stone House

One of our favorite haunts locally is The Old Stone House, located in Butler County, Pennsylvania. The Stone House is operated under the direction of Slippery Rock University. From time you time you will see the 10th PVRC occupy the grounds, in and around The Old Stone House.

This past December a few of our re-enactors, took over The Old Stone House to provide tours and give visitors a taste of the Victorian life.
You can see the 10th PVRC in a documentary on "The Stone House" produced by Brett McGinnis, of Digital Media Production.

Havng invaded the Old Stonehouse the weekend of March 31 & April 1, 2012

First Sergeant Frampton has the troops

Sergeants having received orders, salute Captian Robinson

Corporal Novak barking commands

Sergeant Rouda questions a recruit, "Aren't you a little too young?"

What We Do...

As a Civil War Reenactment community we participate in a number of activities. Our charter as an organization is under the Mercer County Historical Society. Part of our charter is to foster an interest in the Civil War in Mercer county, Pennsylvania. You may have seen us as some of the local events in and around Mercer, Grove City and Slippery Rock.

A few of the types of events are listed below:

Please drop by and see us at our local events, or catch us a bit further away if you can make it to some of the national events in the Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, and West Virginia areas. See Our Events Schedule